From the bean to the cup

Welcome aboard, discover with us the secrets of a journey that transforms coffee beans into cups full of taste. Every phase of the process is supervised by the wise master roaster. Blends are kept strictly secret and they are the result of a perfect combination of the best qualities of carefully selected coffee qualities.

After 16 minutes

Who can afford to roast the coffee in the traditional way in the technology millennium? At Caffè Excelsior for example, we have chosen to grow in the commercial, logistics and marketing sectors but we have also decided to keep it traditional as far as the production process is concerned. Our traditional roasting takes three times longer than the so-called “turbo” roasting, but it is an investment that delivers high quality and satisfaction. Coffee beans are preheated to a maximum temperature of 60°C not to undergo any stress once they enter the roaster where they will reach a temperature of 190-195°C. The roaster works automatically for sixteen minutes. It then leaves it up to the man who is the sole judge of the quality of the product. The master roaster picks up and examines a sample of coffee and decides how much longer it needs to cook. Usually this lasts for a pair of seconds to two minutes. Each batch of roasting is different from the previous ones. This depends on which variety of coffee is being roasted, the natural moisture level of the beans, and other factors. The master roaster keeps examining the beans until their color and appearance meet the requirements. The coffee is then transferred into a steel container, where it is mixed and quickly cooled to stop the roasting process to the desired level.

Coffee secrets

Once the beans are roasted, it’s time for a crucial phase. It is at this stage that the master roaster creates the blend, combining different varieties of coffee according to recipes that indicate precisely how it has to be done and how much of each variety is needed. From 18 producing countries come the two main varieties of coffee: Arabica and Robust. The main objective is to create mixtures that reach the right balance among aroma, taste, strength, body and color. Caffè Excelsior can guarantee this result for all its products thanks to its fifty years of tests, tastings and improvements.

Constant quality

The organoleptic qualities of food can not change, otherwise, the costumer would feel betrayed and would stop buying that brand. It is not easy to maintain coffee stable, for example, because it is affected by climate change and its taste depends on the season. This is no easy task but Caffè Excelsior guarantees the consistency of its product, thanks to its special blends which are very rich in different coffee varieties. If mixing three varieties would be enough to produce a specific blend, we put together seven or even eight different varieties to make it. This method implies a bigger workload and more attention to the whole process but it offers a stable product (since if one variety is scarce there are many others which make up to it).

Coffee is not enough. To provide our costumer with the utmost coffee experience, Caffè Excelsior created its own package called “Coffee System” which is dedicated to cafés, snack bars and restaurants. This package includes coffee, equipment and tools, coffee machines and set of cups, and many other resources such as training on how to brew coffee or on how to serve it best. This allows our costumers to have only one supplier they have to deal with and provides them with a trustworthy top-quality service.