50 years of coffee

1966. The large retail was taking its first steps in Italy, but people were still buying unpackaged coffee in small food markets or directly in coffee roasting companies.
Dario Trucco together with two partners opens the coffee roasting company Caffè Tiemme in Verzuolo.

The business proposal of Caffè Tiemme is to offer a top quality product, providing the best raw materials and the craftsmanship of roasting using a supply chain able to deliver a freshly roasted coffee. After a few years, it was time to grow up, so Dario Trucco acquired the other partners shares carrying on the production and distribution of Tiemme coffee and becoming the sole owner of the company that now had a new name: Trucco Dario&C. snc.

In 1990 Dario Trucco discovered the famous and prestigious brand called Caffè Excelsior. Mr.Trucco combines his experience and quality and his entrepreneurial spirit with the famous and prestigious brand Excelsior. Just like a coffee blend that reaches its perfect balance, becoming unique.

1995 In order to grow up you need bigger spaces so the coffee roasting company moved to Busca. A larger place and a breath of fresh air: the firstborn Roberta joined the company. Internet was changing the way people were working.

2000-2002. The number of customers increased and so did the range of products. The business volume grew in Italy as well as abroad. This was also the time when Nicoletta joined the company.

In 2010 it was time to move again: the company found its ideal place in the modern facility at 210 Laghi di Avigliana street in Busca.

2015.Nowadays, Excelsior coffee has become an essential pleasure for Italian and international coffee lovers. It is the symbol of the Piedmontese craftsmanship and the pure essence of the Made in Italy label.