HO.RE.CA. Coffee beans


Refined blend of the ten best varieties of coffee in the world. Among them: Panama, with its intense aroma showing floral and fruity notes and hints of toast and chocolate. Smooth, consistent and velvety taste. This mix is dedicated to connoisseurs. Available in 1kg packs.


Refined washed blend of the best coffee of Central and South America. It reveals an intense and long lasting smell of chocolate that remains long after the tasting. Available in 1kg or 3kg packs.


A blend of intense flavor made from the best Arabica of Central America, Brazil, India and East Africa. Its intense and persistent flavor and its optimal creaminess distinguish this blend. Thanks to its low caffeine content it is suitable for every moment of the day. Available in 1kg or 3kg packs.

Extra Mild

A smooth, full taste intense blend. Made from robust Indian beans and from quality beans from Central and South America. Its strong character has a lingering aftertaste. Its digestive properties make it particularly suitable after a meal. Available in 1kg packs.